I was sewing these aviator hats for a few years before starting to sell the pattern. And they were a huuuge hit every winter! 🙂

And they are my most popular pattern this winter, too. 

But I’ve been asked a lot of times to add chin straps to the hats. So, I’ve made a little tutorial on how to attach them if needed.

These braids I made today are easily done. First cut two strips of jersey fabric. Make sure you cut the strips so that the stretch of fabric goes up and down. Then cut each one of the strips in three even parts, not cutting all the way. They still have to stick together on one end.

Cut all the hat pieces and start sewing! 🙂

When you are at the earflap point, insert your strip in between the two layers, with the non-cut end towards you.

Secure with a pin, so it doesn’t move while you sew.

Sew all the way around bottom of your hat. If you haven’t left opening on one of the side seams, now’s the time 😉

Turn the hat right side out and the straps are now on the outside. You can leave them as they are or braid them.