A blanket stitch is a simple way to finish an edge, attach an appliqué or even as a decorative stitch all on its own. It is used on a raw fabric edge to give it a finished look and it also has a decorative function. As the name suggests it is often times used on blanket edges to minimise wearing and fraying. However, use it to create pretty patterns on your projects or cover the raw edge of an appliqué!

To begin thread the needle and make a knot on one of the tails. First, bring your needle up from the back, so you hide the knot. If you are working with two layers, bring your knot in between the layers.

Now bring the needle from the back through both layers and come out in the exact same spot, creating a loop around edge of fabric. Bring the needle under the loop you just made and pull the thread straight up to tighten the stitch.

When making another stitch the distance is not as important as it is important to keep the distance between stitches even throughout the stitching. Bring the needle from the back again and under the loop.