Blue Whale Tutorial | With Free Pattern

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Blue Whale Tutorial | With Free Pattern

Missing summer already? Last year, I made this cute blue whale toy 🐋 for my son and it has become his favourite soft toy immediately!

Since then, the whale has been everywhere with us.

I was planning to sew another one for a gift last month, but couldn’t find the pattern I’ve drawn for the son’s whale. So… as I had to draw a new pattern, I thought I might as well make it digital to share with you! 😉

This whale toy is a perfect recycling project, for my son’s whale I used the maternity jeans I wore when I was pregnant with him.

As in nature, the whale is quite a large animal. When finished, it is approximately 50 cm | 20″ long.

What you’ll need:

  • a pair of old jeans
  • stuffing
  • two small pieces of blue fabric for the eyes

The 1 cm| 3/8″ seam allowance is included.

Print THE PATTERN. Make sure the “no scaling” option is on.

Cut out all the pattern pieces (+ two circles for the eyes). Make sure you cut mirrored pieces, so you’ll have right & left parts. The easiest way to be sure you do that is to place the pattern on the jeans leg and cut through both layers. When tracing the body parts mark the points where you’ll place the flippers (marked on the pattern). 

Sew the tail pieces right sides together.

Trim the corners.

Turn right sides out and make a few stitches along the tail and sew the two layers together.

Sew the flippers right sides together. Trim corners and turn right sides out.

When you decide where you want to place the eyes, mark a point on both sides, make sure they are symmetrical. I’ve sewn the circles with a narrow zigzag stitch.

With a black thread sew the lines that will represent throat grooves. Make sure you sew on the wrong side of the fabric, as you want the belly to be a lighter colour and you’ll sew the belly pieces with the wrong side of the fabric (inner side of your jeans) out.

Place the flippers on your marks on the belly piece and sew them on the belly as close to the edge as you can.

Sew the bottom pieces together, right sides together.

Sew the tail piece onto the belly piece close to the edge.

Sew the back pieces right sides together.

Trim the corners.

Pin the back and belly right sides together and pin. Make sure the flippers and the tail are on the inside. Sew all around, leaving a gap for turning on one side. This is a point when it gets quite “crowded”. Be patient and move the tail and flippers as you go, so they don’t get caught in the seam. 

Make a nice, evenly rounded seam around the head.

Turn the whale right sides out through the opening.

Fill the whale with stuffing and close the opening using a ladder stitch.

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