My son’s friend had a birthday, so I had to come up with a gift. I make a lot of clothes for the boys, but at the age of 6 clothes are not a thing they get excited about anymore. Sadly for me. 🙁 So I had to think of something else. And I made her this Kitty Purse which she looooved. They have 3 cats at home, so I’d say she is quite a “cat person” 😁

What you’ll need:

  • fabric
  • fusible interfacing (optional)
  • zipper – 25 cm / 10″
  • pompom trim – 45 cm / 0.5 yard
  • some felt pieces for the cheeks
  • embroidery thread
  • cord
  • two short bands (to sew in loops for your shoulder cord)
  • pattern

First, print the pattern.

Cut all the pattern pieces:

  • For the outer side, you’ll need 1x back piece and 3x front piece. When cutting the front side pieces, make sure to cut mirror pieces – once cut with pattern piece facing you and once with pattern piece facing the fabric.
  • 2x lining fabric
  • 4x kitty ears
  • (optional) if you prefer a sturdier bag, you’ll also need 2x interfacing. I chose not to use it this time.

Place two ear pieces right sides together and sew. Repeat with the other ear.

Trim off the corner points.

Mark the middle of your ears and front side seams.

Match the middle marks and pin the ears in place. Sew the front side seams.

Place the side piece on center front piece right sides facing each other and sew together.

Grab your pink felt and cut two circles for the cheeks. Sew them in place.

At this point make a nice face. I decided to embroider it, but you can be creative and play with buttons, snaps, appliqés …  

Place a zipper on your front piece and one piece of lining on top of that, right side facing the zipper. The zipper should be sandwiched in the middle. Pin in place, so it won’t move while sewing.

Sew the zipper in place.

Sew using a zipper foot. When you are near the pull, keep the needle down in the fabric and lift the presser foot. Now unzip the zipper, that will get the pull out of the way and behind the needle. Lower your presser foot again and sew to the end of the zipper.

At this point, your bag looks something like this…

Place the remaining two pieces of a bag on the other half of the zipper. The outside fabric to the side with the outside fabric and lining with the lining, right sides together.

Sew the same way as you did the first time, moving the pull out of the way as you go.

The zipper is now sewn in. Before you continue sewing, open the zipper a little bit, you’ll need that opening for turning later!

This step just before the finish is a little bit “tricky”, as it involves some assembling and pinning. 🙂

Cut your PomPom trim and insert it in the bottom hem with the pompoms towards inside of the bag (different than you see them in my photo before I inserted them in the hem!)

Then you need to insert two short bands on the sides. These will be your loops where you’ll put the cord for your brace through.

Once you’ve assembled and pinned everything, you’re ready to sew! Leave an opening in the lining, so you’ll be able to turn your bag around.

Turn around and close the opening using a ladder stitch or using a straight stitch on your machine and sewing as close as you can to the edge. 😉

Pull the cord through the loops on each side and secure it with a knot on both sides