If your baby uses a pacifier, you’ll know how important it is that one of them is somewhere nearby at any time 🙂 At least, that was the case in our house.

Here’s a simple and quick way to make some pacifier clips, they can be a lifesaver on many occasions!

What you’ll need:

  • cotton fabric pieces 
  • a string
  • a clip

Cut a piece of cotton string, approximately 15 cm / 7 inches long. Make a knot, that will prevent the string to slide out between stitches! 

Cut fabric to a dimension of your choice. Make sure you don’t make the band wider than your clip. My clips are 2.5 cm / 1 inch wide, so I cut a rectangle 6 cm / 2 1/4 inch wide and 25 cm / 10 inch long.

Fold the rectangle lengthwise and insert the string. The knot should be on the inside of the band.

Sew all along, leaving a gap for turning.

Turn inside out.

Sew the opening shut, using either a straight stitch on your machine or a ladder stitch.

Slide the band through a clip an fold over. Sew fold in place.