I started making this pattern quite some time ago, so we would stock up on tank tops for Big Brother and Little Brother on time. But as we just recently moved to a new house and I still haven’t moved to my new studio (work still in progress arghhh) I am – of course – running late.
Now that the temperatures are starting to get really high it’s about time I finish this one and stock up on our summer wardrobe to save me the trip to the stores. And I’m really excited to share it with you!

This is a super easy tank top, a classic and so much can be done with it. I have quite a few variations planned with it.

This is also a great recycling / upcycling project. With our recent move I have a few boxes with our old clothes that I packed for my future projects. This could easily be one of them.

What you’ll need:
Download the PATTERN HERE
• This pattern was intended for use with knits. Fabric with a slight stretch is preferred. (0.5 m/yard for the largest size) or an old stretchy t-shirt
• Coordinating binding (140 cm / 1.5 yard)
• Coordinating thread

Printing and assembling the pattern:
Print your pattern. Make sure »Scaling« is not checked. Print at 100% Scale or Actual Size. Do not »fit to page«. Measure the test square to make sure it printed accurately. Match up the circles on the pattern pieces. Tape the pieces together. Cut out your size according to the sizes chart.

Cut out pattern pieces:
Fold the fabric in half, with the stretch line running from side to side. Line up the bodice pattern pieces on the fold and cut one front and one back.

Cut out 1 neck binding and 2 arm binding pieces.  Ribbed knit works great as binding.

Assembling the top and attaching the binding:
Place the front and the back right sides together and sew along ONE shoulder seam.

Sew the binding to the neck opening right sides together, slightly stretching the binding as you go (be careful not to stretch the neck part of the tank at the same time).

I recommend using a stretch stitch or a serger to attach the binding to the tank.

Flip the fabric over and press the seams toward the top of the tank.

Flip the binding over to the the wrong side of the fabric enclosing the seam and pin in place.

Using a zig zag stitch or the double needle, topstitch the binding in place. You could also use your coverlock machine here if you have one.

Flip the top over and carefully trim the excess binding on the wrong side.

Line up the other shoulder seam and sew together.

Now sew the binding the same way to both of the arm openings.

Line up the front and back pieces and sew the front and back together.

Fold the bottom edge towards the wrong side and press. Pin in place and sew all the way around using a zigzag stitch, double needle or a coverstitch.

You’re done! 🙂

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